Information on why to hire licensed contractor

Contractor Licensing and Fraud UnitBSO's Contractor and Licensing Fraud Unit investigates consumer complaints against unlicensed contractors and violations committed by licensed contractors. The unit utilizes the specialized skills of detectives holding state-certified contracting licenses with specific knowledge of state statutes relating to contracts and contractor responsibilities. Before signing an agreement with any contractor, consumers should carefully review the agreement and verify a contractor's license and track record. Florida law requires that contractors taking more than a 10% deposit for a project must make an application for a permit within 30 days and commence work within 90 days of the issuance of a permit. Florida law additionally requires that contractors generally must continue work on projects without lapses of more than 60 days. Consumers should familiarize themselves with Florida's construction lien laws (sections 713.001 - 713.37), or consult an attorney regarding your rights or responsibilities regarding construction contracts.BSO cannot recommend specific contractors, but the unit is available to assist in the verification of legitimate licensed contractors. For more information, contact BSO's Contractor and Licensing Fraud at (954) 321-4255. For more information on working with contractors and state and county regulations, visit these web sites: