• The System

    Many "Geniuses" have tried to create a large company in the South Florida Market. All of them have failed, including myself. 

    The biggest problem with scalability is that there is a weekly deadline of servicing a pool on a weekly basis. The pools only receive enough Chlorine for a week to 10 day time frame based on an average use and NO equipment failures. So when an employee calls in sick, takes a vacation, cant keep up because of the heavy loads of summer or storms, or quits without a notice, pools start to turn green and customers start looking for other options.  

  • Information on why to hire licensed contractor

    Contractor Licensing and Fraud UnitBSO's Contractor and Licensing Fraud Unit investigates consumer complaints against unlicensed contractors and violations committed by licensed contractors. The unit utilizes the specialized skills of detectives holding state-certified contracting licenses with specific knowledge of state statutes relating to contracts and contractor responsibilities. Before signing an agreement with any contractor, consumers should carefully review the agreement and verify a contractor's license and track record.
  • Top 10 problems when buying a pool route business

    10. The seller and broker do not tell buyer(s) the truth about obtaining a contractors license which has been MANDATORY for all persons cleaning a swimming pool in Florida since 1971. 

    9. Please verify all of the payment histories of every customer before buying the route

    8. Make a visual inspection of EVERY customer before buying the route