Pembroke Pines Store & Routes

Established pool service route with storefront in Pembroke Pines for sale. (More than 20 years in this location)


1.-Number of Pools 109

2.-Annual Gross Pools $125,500 Avg/Month $10,462

3.- 2005 Chevrolet Pick up 120k miles 

     2000 Ford Pick Up 120k miles

4.- We have 2 Hammerheads

5.- Approx Store Inventory $10,000

6.-Approx Furniture, Tools, Equipment $5000

7.- Store 1300 Sq Ft.

8.- 575 gal. Chlorine tank

9.- 2019 Store Sales Jan 1st -Nov 30th. Gross  $103,000.-

10.- Employees:  3 full time, 1 part time. Total 4

1 Route 1 Tech Mon-Fri  cleans pools, minor repairs and minor installations

1 Route 2 Tech Mon-Fri  only cleans pools

1 Store manager full time Mon-Sun 

1 Store part time 12-14 hrs week 



Robert Estell


Aspect Realty

1881 N University Dr #102

Coral Springs, FL 33071


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