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Buy a pool business

The TOP 10 mistakes made by people buying a pool route :


Link to Routes for sale 


Here a personal interview with Rob Estell about buying or selling a pool route.  


The services that I provide for buying a pool business is as follows:

With my 12 years in the swimming pool industry, as well as over 20 years experience in business startups and sales, I can offer a greater expertise than any other person. My credentials are one of a kind, and not only can no one match my credentials, no one can exceed my qualifications and past performance.

Question: I spoke to another Broker and he said that I only need an occupational license to clean swimming pools in Florida. Do i really need a contractors license to clean pools in Florida?

Answer: Yes. and this is not my opinion, its the Law. The Florida CILB made a declatory statement saying that you can ONLY add chemicals to a swimming pool without a contractors license. Here is a Link to all of the information to put this to bed.  



Question: I saw another business offered on another web site. Can you help me with that purchase? How much will that cost me?

Answer: Yes I can help you. It wont cost you anything if the other broker is willing to split the commission. If the other Broker is not willing to split a commission, In my opinion, they are hiding information that they do not want a professional to find, or there may not be a business to sell, the broker is running a blind add, looking for buyers in a "Bait & Switch scheme" to sell them another listing.

 Question: Are all terms and conditions to a Purchase agreement, or Letter of Intent negotiable?

Answer: Yes All terms and conditions are negotiable, don't let the "other brokers" trick you to believing anything different, especially the Transaction fees.

Question: Do you present any and all offers ?

Answer: Yes, I will present any and all offers in writing to my client.

Question: Are all the listings on your website your listings, or are you showing me someone else's listings?

Answer: All Listings on my website,, the MLS, and the other secret sites, are my listings.

Question: With your low commission, do you charge a transaction fee?

Answer: NO. A transaction fee is a cost that other brokers will try to push on you so they can make more money on you. The only fee you pay is $1,000 or 5%, which ever is greater. PERIOD !

Question: Do you put everything in writing?

Yes, All Purchase agreement, Offers, and Letter of Intent agreements are in writing and signed by all parties.

Question: What are your qualifications to assist me in the purchase of a pool business?

Answer : First, I am a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate by the State of Florida.

Secondly, I hold the highest Florida Swimming Pool License, Commercial Pool Builder CPC1458035, and the highest professional designation of NSPF CPO Instructor 33-101010.

Lastly, I am an instructor at Goldcoast schools where I teach several construction subjects, but mostly Swimming Pool Licensing.

 Please verify my, or anyones Florida License Here

Can you recommend an Attorney that has experience in these transaction?

Yes, you can find them on this page



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