Swimming Pool Service Procedures

swimming pool maintenance techniques  how to clean a swimming pool cleaning procedures cleaning process for a swimming pool Swimming Pool Service Procedures


These are the procedures that a service company should be performing when servicing a residential swimming pool.


Chemical Service     14 step process - $____ per month + Stabilizer billed every 6 months @ $___ each

Visual check of pump & filter for leaks upon arrival
Check pressure gauge
Turn pump off
Set timer for correct time
Lubricate pump lid o-ring  (when necessary)
Inspect and clean out pump basket & reassemble
Turn pump on & ensure it primes without any leaks
Test pool for free available chlorine & Ph (weekly) & calcium, alkalinity, stabilizer & water balance (monthly)
Add proper chemicals to properly sanitize & balance water
Clean out skimmer basket
Ensure automatic cleaner is working
Clean tiles (monthly) (semi weekly)
Clean and inspect filter &  lubricate orings (monthly)
Leave a note showing that we were there & any issues

Modified Service  16 step process  $____ per month  + Stabilizer billed every 6 months @ $___ each
Brush walls where necessary
Skim pool surface

Full Service  17 step process  $____per month  + Stabilizer billed every 6 months @ $___ each

Vacuum pool