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Online Exam Preparation

All the advantages of classroom preparation
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You will have full access to:
Practice questions with detailed solutions.
Hints to pick out key words and understand the focus of each question.
Instructor prepared explanations through audio and video clips.
Direct email access to an instructor.

Questions are similar to the types of questions seen on the exam.
These questions are to be answered using the applicable reference books.



****As of September 1st 2013 all Florida State Contractor Licensing Exams are switching to The Contractors Manual 2013 edition

A list of updated approved references list for Ocotber 2013 Florida Contractor Licensing Exams can be found here:


State Online Exam Prep Courses


Blank Tab Sheets$2.50




Florida State Licensing

Air Conditioning A & B

Air Conditioning course only $300

Air Conditioning A & B Online Trade Exam Prep Course & Books $1300.00

Air Conditioning A & B  Business & Trade Exam Prep Course (with tabs & highlights) and Books Combo - BEST VALUE !  $1700.00



Business Law and Finance

Business Law & Finance  $300.00  

Business Law & Finance Package Deal  $500.00


General Contracting

General Contractors Exam Prep  $300

GC Exam Prep with Books   $1250.00

GC Combo Package Deal  $1650.00


Glass and Glazing


Marine Specialty


Mechanical Exam Prep Only(includes highlights and tabs)   $300.00

Mechanical Exam Prep with Books  $1400.00

Mechanical Exam Prep and Business and finance Exam Prep with books,highlights,tabs)  Best Value!  $1800.00


Pool (Commercial, Residential, Service)

Pool Contractor - Commercial, Residential & Service Exam Prep only 300.00

State Commercial Pool Exam Prep with Books $1200.00

State Pool Commercial Combo Package Includes Business exam prep and books.  $1600.00

State Residential Pool Exam Prep with books  1100.00

State Residential Pool Combo Package Includes Business exam prep and books $1500.00

State Pool Service Exam Prep with books  $1100.00

State Pool Service Combo Package Includes Business exam prep and books $1300.00


Roofing course only $300.00

Roofing Books Complete set ONLY- $900.00

Roofing Trade Exam Prep and Books  $1,200.00

Roofing  Exam Prep and Business and Finance Exam Prep w/ books,tabs,highlights,video.  Best Value $1600.00


Pollution Storage

Sheet Metal

Specialty  Structure


Solar Exam Prep Only   $300.00

Solar Exam Prep with books   $950.00

Solar Combo Package includes Business exam prep and books.   $1350.00



Underground Utility



Florida State Contractors Licensing Exam Preparation



North Carolina State

Building Contractor Exam Prep-  $300.00


Prometric State Business Exam Prep

Arizona- $100.00

Arkansas -  $100.00

Hawaii-  $100.00



Arizona State Residential Pool Exam Prep-  $100.00

Arizona State Unlimited Pool Exam Prep-  $100.00

Arkansas State Residential Pool Exam Prep-  $100.00

Arkansas State Unlimited Pool Exam Prep-  $100.00



Georgia State Business and Law Exam Prep- $100.00



Call for prices on packages with used books!! 954-210-3030

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