state business exam breakdown


(20) Business and Finance Examination. Test one for all construction certification categories shall consist of questions relating to the business and financial management of a contracting firm. The content areas to be covered and the approximate weights to be assigned to said areas shall be as follows:

(a) 11% Establishing the Contracting business,

(b) 26% Managing Administration Duties,

(c) 10% Managing Trade Operations,

(d) 32% Conducting Accounting Functions,

(e) 6% Managing Human Resources (Staffing), and

(f) 15% Complying with Government Regulations.

(21) The weight approximations for all examinations listed above may vary by plus or minus three percent (3%).

(22) Passing Score. The score necessary to achieve a passing grade on all of the construction certification examinations shall be no less than a percentage of seventy (70%) out of one hundred percent (100%) on each of the required tests.