Questions a CAM should ask of a contractor

In working in the industry, I try to educate the all of the professionals that we come in contact with.

The latest part of my blog is What questions should a Community Area Manager ask of a contractor?

There are several questions which i will outline for you:


1. Verify their Contractors License. Everyone in the Swimming pool Industry that works on a commercial swimming pool, by either cleaning or repairing MUST have a minimum of a contractors license. Verify any  DBPR license at


The License exceptions:

a. If the worker is an employee of a licensed contractor. An employee means a person who has workers compensation coverage and the employer is withholding payroll taxes

b. The worker is a licensed subcontractor, with workers compensation coverage.


NOTE: My estimations are that 95+% of the swimming pool industry is not licensed.  We are living in the age of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw where ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE VERIFIED ! Otherwise, they are just paper.


 2.  Verify the Liability insurance, make sure you are listed as a certificate holder or additional insured. this prevents the insurance from lapsing, unless you are informed.


 3. Verify the workers compensation coverage at the states website LINK.

According to FS 440 Workers Compensation Laws, In the Construction Industry, EVERYONE must have Workers Compensation coverage. Only the Officers of the Company. Link

 4. this clause should be put in every contract with a contractor to ensure that you can not be liable for hiring unlicensed or illegal employees.


_____ agrees that all employees and sub contractors are in accordance with FS 489 Licensing Laws and FS 455 Workers Compensation Laws.

additional comments:


Please verify that all contractors, subcontractors, and subcontractors of the subcontractor(s) provide proof of all of the above BEFORE they step foot on the property.




Link to Florida contracting Laws