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Selling Price $1.5M

Financing Available

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Dan Schiffman


Aspect Realty

We co-broke with all licensed agents.





581 accounts

60 commercial and 520 residential 


$300k + per year net income to absentee owner who works 1-3 hours per week.

employees and managers in place.


asking 5 times net income.







The pool service money is just your  bread and butter money.

THE REAL MONEY in the pool service business comes from the repair.

And, this commerical pool service listing has hundreds , you read that right, hundreds of motors.


The average profit on a single motor is anywhere from $150 to 275 or more (depends on size), not to mention the  pool filter changes, pool and fountain lights and so much more.

But here is the thing to get: you don't get invited to the repair money unless you (your company) is already in the backyard.


FACT: Pool Service customers ALWAYS ASK THEIR CURRENT VENDOR 1ST. As long as your prices aren't ridiculous, you get the job!


Are you starting to get a hint at the possibilities with this type of pool service business?


Are you ready to find out more?


Are you ready for a turn key step in and start making money pool service business today?


Pick up your phone right now and call us today !


We will explain all you need to know about this premium pool service business.


It comes with:


90 day warranty on all accounts.  

30 days training

Free NSPF CPO Course

Free 20+ hours of Online pool service and repair training 

Licensing assistance for qualified buyer, call !!!

Billing Software Package


Look, in the off chance you have not figured it out yet, the reality is that the swimming pool Industry is a very profitable industry which has a proven history of netting to owner 80% of the service gross income, and about 30% of the repair and renovation income.

UNLIMITED Growth & Expansion! The pool service industry is virtually recession proof! Anyone can be successful in the swimming pool service industry, if they have a desire to be successful. The learning curve is very small. Our failure rate is virtually zero. The swimming pool service industry enjoys high profits, low overhead, stability and continued growth.


Support/Training: Training is available for as long as you need to get on your feet. 

Contractor Licensing assistance available to qualified buyers.

Free National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool Operator course to Buyers of route over $30,000. ($300 value)

Licensing courses, books and assistance available also. 


Everything you need to get started in the Swimming Pool Industry

 Pool Routes Wanted to Buy 

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Which License do I need ? 

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Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited   

1881 N. University Drive #102

Coral Springs, FL 33071

561-441-9932  Fax 561-952-4703

I have several Buyers & Sellers ready to go! Give me an opportunity to sell your excess accounts, or business. Let me help you get into one of the Most Profitable Industries, the Swimming Pool Industry!


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