29 residential pools Palm Beach county

west palm
Gross Income: 


Get into the Swimming Pool Industry where you can ( net ) profit over 80% of the Monthly Service revenue, and over 25% of the monthly repair revenue. 


Every $10,000 investment will net you $15,000 per year in income to the Owner Operator 


Everything you need to get started in the Swimming Pool Industry

 Pool Routes Wanted to Buy 

Do I need  License ? 

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Pool Route FAQ's

29 Residential Pools 2485.00 monthly
1 Commercial Pool 250.00 monthly
Most of the residential accounts pay a semi annual stab charge of 50.00
The commercial account pays 250.00 semi annual stab charge.

1- full serv 80.00 loxahatchee
2-full serv 70.00 loxahatchee
3-full serv 80.00 loxahatchee
4-full serv 85.00 loxahatchee
5-full serv 85.00 palm beach gardens
6-chemical  serv. 45.00 Jupiter
7-full service 85.00 Jupiter
8-full serv 120.00 jupiter
9-full serv 75.00 jupiter
10- full serv 120.00 Jupiter farms
11- full serv commercial 250.00 twice weekly south palm beach

Wednesday - Lake worth rd & Lyons 

1-full serv 75.00 lake worth
2-full serv  85.00 lake worth
3-full serv 75.00 lake worth
4-full serv 70.00 lake worth
5-full serv 70.00 lake worth
6-full serv 80.00 lantana
7- chemical serv 65.00 lantana
8- full serv 75.00 lantana
9-full serv 75.00 boynton west

Thursday - flamingo park - belvedere & olive
1-full serv 75.00 west palm beach
2-chemical serv 65.00 west palm beach
3-full serv 90.00 west palm beach
4-full serv 80.00 west palm beach
5-full serv 80.00 west palm beach
6-full serv 80.00 west palm beach
7- full serv 110.00 west palm beach
8-full serv 85.00 west palm beach
9-full serv 85.00 west palm beach
10- full serv 95.00 west palm beach
11- commercial full serv twice weekly 250.00 south palm beach

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The swimming pool Industry is a very profitable industry which has a proven history of netting to owner 80% of the service gross income, and about 30% of the repair and renovation income.

UNLIMITED Growth & Expansion! The pool service industry is virtually recession proof! Anyone can be successful in the swimming pool service industry, if they have a desire to be successful. The learning curve is very small. Our failure rate is virtually zero. The swimming pool service industry enjoys high profits, low overhead, stability and continued growth.


Support/Training: Training is available fo as long as you need to get on your feet. 

Contractor Licensing assistance available to qualified buyers.

Free National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool Operator course to Buyer.



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I have several Buyers & Sellers ready to go ! Give me an opportunity to sell your excess accounts, or business. Let me help you get into one of the Most Profitable Industries, the Swimming Pool Industry !



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