Educational material


Local Televison Stations talk about the Intelliflo Pump  


 CDC Info

CDC Fecal Response Recommendations





The Missing Piece by Stewart Vernon

 Word of Mouth by Erika Taylor

Conquering the Internet by Todd Bairstow

 Ridgid SeeSnake  Fink leaks and clogs in plumbing lines

 Tales of Cut CYA ?

Questions a CAM should ask of a Contractor


DE Scoops - How much do they hold?

Borate Chemistry

Phosphate Myths

The Easiest Pool Care ever .... LOL ???


FAQ Pool Algacides

Taylor Water Analysis Calculator


Why is my pressure of my cartridge filter so high ?

Pool Pump Problems

Chlorine Lock

Swimming Pool Chemical Feeders Explained 

Swimming Pool Automation Explained

Swimming Pool Pumps Explained

 Swimming Pool Sanitation Explained

 Chlorine Smell in my pool

ABC's of water chemistry

Salt Water Chlorine Generators

Taylor Test Kit how to's

Copper, Silver & Iron Stains

Copper & Silver Additives

How do i prevent and get rid of Algae

Chemical adjustment guide

 Drowning Prevention Tips

 Pentair Pool Calculators

 Choosing the right pool filter

Pentair Training Videos

How Do Heat Pumps Work? 

How are Heat Pumps better than other methods of heating a pool?

What Does ORP Mean ?

Hefty Chlorine price increase 1/17/2006

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