Pool Care Pro Software

Just to announce that Rob Estell and ThePoolPros.com have struck a partnership with Brian Primeau and  Pool Care Pro , a web based swimming pool billing and customer management software, to provide a few discounts to our followers. With this software it will allow you to log in anywhere that has an internet connection, modify and save any information in the database.


To ANY of our followers :

30 day free trial

10% ($4.00) off of monthly subscription

NEVER lose information !

Use the Product code "The Pool Pros"


To anyone who has purchased a Pool route thru ThePoolPros.com :


 - A 90 day free trial of   Pool Care Pro                           swimming pool software plus a 10% off of the typical $39.99 monthly usage fees to all buyers of Pool Routes thru ThePoolPros.com YOUR COST IS $35.99  


Use the Product code "The Pool Pros"




• No software to download, install or maintain.

• Credit Card processing feature.

• All you need is an internet connection and a web browser (Internet Explorer,
  Firefox or Safari for Mac).

• Access your secure online account from home, the office and even
   while you're in the field using any internet-connected desktop, laptop or
   netbook computer, smart phone or PDA.

• Automatic Monthly Billing of your customers.
• Automated credit card processing of online
   customer payments.
• Two-way integration with QuickBooks.
• Unlimited number of customers (residential & commercial).
• Multiple users & security levels.
• Record water chemistry levels, capture & store photos, record & track
  inventory items and enter notes about recommended or completed repairs
  after each service stop directly into each of
your customer's online account
• Automated service routing/mapping using GOOGLE MAPS for efficiency & gas savings.


• No contracts or long-term commitments. No up-front costs. No hidden fees.
SUBSCRIBE for only $35.95 a month.
• Not convinced yet? Try our
30-Day FREE Trial.