NEW Field Service Professional NSPF course only $55

NEW Field Service Professional NSPF course only $55 !!!

Or you can purchase this for only $25 when you purchase with an NSPF Certified Pool Operator course with us.  


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this is a great course for the new pool service tech who has recently purchased a route, or wants to expand his knowledge of repairs and service. 

This Course even has a section on how to acid wash a pool.

there are 8 chapters and an exam. 

1. Introduction
2. Circulation Systems
3. Filters
4. Chemical Dosing Systems
5. Heaters
6. Cleaning and Vacuuming Systems
7. Automatic Controllers
8. Acid Washing
NSPF - Field Service Professional: Routine Maintenance for Pool and Spa Operators Exam


**NOTE: In addition to taking online training, a student should always check local and state codes to see requirements for their area.  Additionally, manufacturer’s equipment manuals should be consulted before conducting routine maintenance on any piece of equipment. **

Routine Maintenance for Pool and Spa Operators


This course is designed to show service pros and pool operators how to do routine maintenance at residential and commercial pools. The Field Service Professionalâ„¢ online training is perfect for those new to the industry and those who just want a refresher.  Loaded with how-to videos, the interactive training teaches about circulation systems, filters, chemical dosing systems, heaters, cleaning and vacuuming systems, automatic controllers, and acid washing.  The online course gives pros a pre-field experience – giving the extra confidence needed for that next field job. 


Includes a 38-page handbook in PDF format that can be downloaded after course purchase. 

View a preview of the course here View our entire playlist.