lets make more money together by selling

I am seeking a few individuals to work with and help them understand "The System".



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You do not need to be in the pool industry to attend. 



"The System" is a details process on how to start, manage, operate, grow, and sell your business for maximum net income. . 

My personal pool companies have grossed over $20 Million US, and have set new standards for excellence and efficiency. 


Let me ask you these simple questions:

1.  With your current advertising, are you adding less than 10 customers per week?

2.  Is your cost of acquisition of a customer more than $50

3.  Are you spending more than $9 per month in chemicals on the average residential pool account?


If you answered YES to the above questions, once you follow "The System" you will answer NO to the above questions, and YES to the questions below.


1.  Are you a State Certified Pool Contractor?

2.  Are you selling 500 pool accounts every year?

3.  Is your net income over $400k per year?

4.  Is your company branded?

5.  Is your staff qualified?

6.  Are you working less than 40 hours per week?


If you want to start learning "The System", join me for a free seminar on Monday September 28th, 2014 at my office in Coconut Creek from 6-7pm.


Office Address

4400 West sample road

Suite 132

Coconut Creek, Fl 33073



Please Call or Email me and confirm your spot. there are only a certain number of spots remaining.