Chlorine lock

stabilizer lock or  chlorine lock


Chlorine lock is an invisible, made up, falsehood, fable, urban legend, which has been told by big chlorine manufacturers and distributors to inform the homeowner or swimming pool technician to make them keep the only chemical that can reduce the use of chlorine usage (Cyanuric Acid).

It disheartens my to know that big businesses are taking advantage of the homeowner & small business owner and informing them with the following statements:

Do not keep your stabilizer, cyanuric acid, levels above 100 parts per million because it will stop the chlorine from working and turn your pool green.

One example of it working its way through government regulations is the May 25, 2009 revision to the Chapter 64E-9 Public swimming pools and bathing places in Florida. section 64E-9.004 (4) has inserted a "recommended maximum"  of 40 mg/l (ppm) of cyanuric acid in swimming pools and a mandatory 40 ppm maximum in spa pools.


Why does this matter?

 Because as the well informed should know the following

A. 10 ppm of cyanuric acid will protect 1.5 ppm of chlorine from UV destruction for a period of about 10-14 days with minimal outside contamination.

B.  If there was a diarrheal discharge into a public or private swimming pool that had the "recommended maximum" of 40 ppm of cyanuric acid, which will only allow 6 ppm of chlorine to stay in the swimming pool water. 

Diarrheal discharge is the #1 cause of Cryptosporidium (please read ). to inactivate cryptosporidium at a level of 6 ppm of chlorine, the swimming pool must be closed for 42.5 consecutive hours. The diarrheal discharge can come form any animal either raccoon, dog, bird, frog, turtle, human, ect.

Formula 15300 minutes is the inactivation time for cryptosporidium at 1ppm.

15,300 minutes divided by 6 = 2,550 minutes, or 42.5 hours. 

 C. it has been proven that cyanuric levels of up to 400 ppm and higher increases the disinfection powers of chlorine in swimming pool water. the reasoning is that in swimming pool water, there is the presence of ammonia which when combined with Chlorine, or cyanuric acid actually , slightly, magnifies the disinfection properties of chlorine, NOT LOWER IT, OR STOP IT.







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