Credit Card Processing


If I could save you $100 per month or more, and it doesn't even cost you anything, would you do it?  


I have struck a deal with a credit card processing company to assist all of the followers of to lower your processing fees by as much as 80% by eliminating all unnecessary fees, and charging the bare minimal on transaction fees. 

I have negotiated a special rate for all of my students, friends, acquaintances, and even my enemies. The cost is 1/2 of a percent over interchange thus making your total for swiped cards 81 basis points + 25 basis points = 1.31%  


For an example Quick books charges 1.64% & Pay pay charges 2.90 % 


Just think how much i could save you? ITS Free and no obligation to you. 


Email me with you information and I will contact you about how I can save you money.