aqualogic pools coral springs florida


3700 NW 124th AVE. SUITE 137 • CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33065
Phone: 954-346-3316 • Fax: 954-346-5386

Aqualogic pools of Coral Springs Florida  has closed its doors.



Please check back Daily for updates that may help you with your potential lawsuit of situation. Please contact me to on a weekly basis to update your status with me. 561-441-9932 - Rob


Dear Aqualogic Customer,


My Pool Contractors License was the one used to pull the permits for your swimming pool. My signature was forged and notarized by Mari Stone, or someone else in the office of Aqualogic pools who was  A Notary of the State of Florida and at the time,  on the permit for your project, which is a criminal offense. Ilan Shimon and Aqualogic Pools are filing for bankruptcy. If you have been notified by anyone about a lien on your property, Ilans information is below. Note the difference between the contractors license on the contract, and mine on the permit.


In lieu of closing the permit, I have decided to provide you with a few options to help your current situation.  


The existing liens on your property I cannot financially help you with, except for advice. There are very important steps that must be performed in order to properly file and perfect a lien. You may view a copy of the Florida Lien Laws, here:



I do not hear anything from you, I will start closing out permits, January 3rd of 2011.


I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, and if there is anything I can do to help you, please contact me




Rob Estell


If you would like to contact the owner of Aqualogic Pools this is his contact information.

The Owner of Aqualogic Pools

1000 NW 100 WAY

Phone: 954-326-0844

sunbiz info



I would recommend the following Contractor to continue the work:


Bruce Davis   954-773-1678








 Lein notices or NOTICE TO OWNERS


Anyone may file a lein on a home , no matter what the cause. A lein is valid for 1 year, or unless it has been perfected, then it lasts forever.


how to perfect a lien:

in order to perfect a lien, the homeowner must be summons to court by the lienor, where a Judge will determine the validity of the suppliers or sub contractors right for the money in a trial format.


You may present al the information you have. It is the burden of the lienor to prove that they did the following:

notified the owner within the proper timeframe. ie within so many days of the work being performed, or when material was supplier to the job.

You may hire an attorney to advise you on this matter or you may contact me at 561-441-9932